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Why Kyushu?

“ Kyushu Was Our Favorite Place During Our Trip”

Instead of following the well-worn path of Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima, Why not go west and discover the beauty, history, and essence of Kyushu?

Vibrant, bustling Fukuoka, the rich trading history of Nagasaki, the Beautiful nature of Kumamoto, or the legendary hot springs of Beppu. Kyushu has a lifetime of experiences to offer.

Why Visit Kyushu?

Here’s just few of the reasons to travel to Kyushu on your next trip to Japan

Unique Culture

Beautiful scenery

Relaxing Onsens

Delicious Cuisine

Mount Aso

Aso San

Mount Aso is a douuble volcano in the Aso region of Kyushu’s Kumumoto Ken Aso is often referred to as a mountain range stretching from…

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